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Why should our organization work with an outside accounting firm for our monthly reports?

Working with an accounting firm like Gaming Business Solutions helps to ensure compliance with state regulations and maintain transparency.  GBS has expertise in the specific accounting requirements of charitable gambling in Minnesota and provides a thorough analysis of the financial records.  We also deliver objective insight into the financial and operational health of the gaming operations, identify potential areas of improvement, and provide recommendations for streamlining operations. This expert insight can help ensure that they are operating efficiently, maximizing their fundraising potential, and properly utilizing their resources to support their charitable mission.

Overall, hiring Gaming Business Solutions to do monthly reports can help you maintain compliance with state regulations and ensure transparency in their financial operations.

Can our organization pay a bar employee for selling paddletickes, bingo, tipboards, or pulltabs?

Depends. The only time this is allowed is if the game is conducted from a cabin the waiter.

Can charitable gambling organizations work with more than one distributor?

Yes, a charitable gambling organization can have more than one distributor. In fact, it is common for organizations to work with multiple distributors to offer a wider variety of games and increase their fundraising potential.

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